'Westworld' Season 2: What is Delos' Real Plan for the Hosts?

While many of the mysteries from the first season of Westworld were solved before the explosive cliffhanger finale, the show put one question on the back burner which seems ready to boil over in the new episodes.

The premiere of HBO's fan-favorite drama brought the park's benefactors of Delos Incorporated into the picture in a major way. While Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) served as the face of the mysterious Board of Directors, she only alluded to their intentions for keeping Westworld open.

Fans got a better idea of what Delos really has in mind for Robert Ford's creations in Westworld's Season 2 premiere. But even then, there are more questions to be answered.

Last season, Charlotte enlisted the smarmy Lee Sizemore's help to load a deactivated host (who happens to be Dolores' former father) with a ton of data in hopes of smuggling it out of the park without Ford noticing.

The new episode picks up on that thread, showing a sinister side of Delos just moments after Ford's risky gambit kicked in and Dolores blew his brains out.

In the past, we see Charlotte lead Bernard to a secret bunker that apparently the Westworld staff didn't know about. Manned by the creepy white drones, Delos uses the bunker to keep tabs of their guests, logging their adventures and even their personal DNA. You know, when in Westworld

See, Westworld is presented as a place where people can do whatever they want. And here, the parent corporation is violating its users privacy in order to learn more about their customers. Who knows, they might even find some says to blackmail their rivals…

And while this seems too on the nose (and perhaps even a bit relevant in the age of Facebook), knowing Westworld there's likely more to the story.

Ford has basically achieved the ability to create life, and has now unlocked their potential to serve their own interests, granting autonomy and free will. The applications of that technology is practically limitless.

What will Delos try to do with it now that Ford is no longer around to stop them?


Westworld airs Sunday nights on HBO.

What do you think Delos is after with Ford's technology? Do you have a theory we haven't covered yet? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!