Westworld Reveals Charlotte Hale's True Identity

"The Mother of Exiles," the fourth episode of Westworld's third season, aired tonight and revealed the biggest mystery posed in the season two finale. At the end of last season, Dolores (while inhabiting a host body of Tessa Thompson's Charlotte Hale) took five host control unit pearls out of the park and into the real world. We learned at the very end of the episode that one of those pearls was Bernard (Jeffrey Wright), but the mystery of the other four's identities has plagued fans. Last week's episode focused on the current host walking around as Charlotte Hale, and the mystery of who's inhabiting her was a doozy. But after this week's episode, we not only know the true identity of Hale but of the other hosts brought back by Dolores.

Warning: Westworld spoilers ahead...

As some probably suspected, the Charlotte Hale host is actually... Dolores! The big clue came last week when Hale killed the child predator who was talking to "her" son. The way she raged in that moment made it seem like she couldn't be Teddy, and any of the other host options just wouldn't have felt like a big enough reveal. This also makes us wonder if Hale is more Dolores than Dolores considering she probably doesn't have that extra bit of "Wyatt" inside her. Considering how much Hale-Dolores wanted to get back to her real form in last week's episode, we're already rooting for her to be the last Dolores standing. But for now, there are multiple Doloreses (Dolori?) roaming around.

That's right, we now have Dolores as Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), Dolores as Hale (Thompson), Dolores as Musashi (Hiroyuki Sanada), and Dolores as Martin Connells (Tommy Flanagan). However, there's still one pearl left to be revealed. The episode alluded to the fact that all of the pearls brought back by Dolores (except Bernard) were copies of herself, but so far we've only seen four of her. Yes, she took five out of the park and one was Bernard, but don't forget the Dolores pearl that was in Hale when she left, meaning one is still missing. Is that final pearl really another Dolores or could there be another host reveal coming?

Thompson recently told Variety that it "feels like the show is starting all over again." Between the show's mysterious trailers and exciting cameos, we're inclined to believe season three is going to feel like a brand new series.


“In a weird way, it feels like this is the premiere of the show again because we have entered the real world and the show continues to ask the question what it means to be human, but it’s asking a host – pun intended – of new questions. We have lots of people that have come to join our cast, fresh blood, so it feels like the show is starting all over again,” Thompson teased. “It’s a show that surprises not just the audience, but surprised the people that are lucky enough to work on it."

Westworld airs Sunday nights on HBO at 9 pm EST.

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