Wynonna Earp Creator "Hopeful" for Fifth Season at New Home

Ahead of the fourth season premiere of Wynonna Earp it was announced that the series would be coming to an end at SYFY. In TV parlance the network hadn't "cancelled" the series since it wasn't being produced in-house but had instead opted to no longer air new episodes should more happen after season four. Fans of the series took this especially hard but speaking in a new interview showrunner Emily Andras made it clear that they're still working behind the scenes to find a home for a fifth season, or rather "more stories" as she puts it for the "cult show with a passionate audience."

"We are in meetings all the time and I am constantly getting an updated list from the producers ranking our targets of opportunity," Andras told The Hollywood Reporter. "I can't say who has said yes and who has said no. I can say that possibly someone you just mentioned is definitely in the mix. I would also say that in a weird way, while it may look more dire to the public, I think that season five is almost easier than season four because [Canadian distributor] Space stepped up in season four financially. We have an international distributor, Cineflix, that has sold out all over the world again. Netflix is still in as far as second window. All we need is a U.S. broadcaster, which is not as much moving around the chess pieces as it even was in season four. All the big people are in play, from IMDbTV to Paramount+, Hulu. Name a streamer, they have gotten a call from us."

Andras also addressed the good news that even if a new network or streamer for the series isn't found they're confident in what they put together as what could be their ending for the show.

"I hesitate to say it's the end, but I'm extremely proud of the season and I'm extremely proud of the last episode of season four," she added. "There are worst feelings to be known for, when someone reads a book and gets to the end and says, 'Oh my gosh, that was so wonderful but I wish there was more.' If that's the feeling people have at the end of season four, that's pretty rare on television. I'm really hoping that Paramount+ picks us up. I'd really love the privilege of coming back in a few years, if nothing else, Deadwood-style, and doing a movie and picking up the characters years later. I know what that would look like and it'd be interesting to tell a story about legacy and aging. But yes, I'm happy with the end of season four and I hope the fans will be too."

Wynonna Earp airs on Friday, March 5 at 10 PM ET/PT on SYFY.