'Yellowstone' Shows Possible Death in Episode 6 Cliffhanger

Yellowstone may have just killed off one of its main characters at the end of episode 6.

Spoilers ahead for Yellowstone season 1, episode 6.

The scare begins around halfway into the episode. Monica Long (Kelsey Asbille) and her son Tate (Brecken Merrill) head to school, being as she is a teacher and he is a student there. As they walk up, some teenage students are showed gathered around cheering on a fight.

Monica tells Tate to wait by the street as she makes her way in the circle to break up the fight. As she does this, one student inadvertently lands a heavy punch to the side of her head.

The young mother falls to the ground, smacking her head against the pavement.

The students scatter as Monica lies on the the ground. A pool of blood forms under her head.

Her husband, Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes), is then contacted about her injury and gets his father, John (Kevin Costner), to drive him to the school. He finds Monica in the nurses' office with a bandage around her head.

"I've got a pretty good headache going," Monica tells her husband.

The nurse advises the pair that dizziness, nausea and nonsense talk are all symptoms to watch for. If they occur, Monica should go to the hospital.

He later see Monica recovering at home. Her condition seems fair as she talks to Kayce, but he soon leaves. As he exits, Monica sits up, and she obviously does not seem well.

In the episode's final scene, Monica is at home with Tate, who is playing outside, and her father, Felix Long (Rudy Ramos). Kayve arrives back and Monica walks outside to greet him.

She stumbles as she walks down the front stairs, telling Tate to be careful in a dazed tone.

As she gets to the bottom step, she looks down at the ground blankly. This quickly concerns Kayce.

"You feeling okay, baby?" he asks.

Monica then collapses onto the ground. Kayce rushes over and checks her pulse. Her pulse is apparently weak or nonexistent, and begins to perform CPR.

Felix soon exits the trailer visually upset. Kayce's friend pulls a truck up beside them to transport Monica to a hospital.

However, the last shot shows Kayce repeatedly performing CPR to no avail. It is unclear if Monica will survive the ordeal.


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Photo Credit: Paramount Network