You Showrunner Hypes Season 3's Release With New Script Tease

Ever since its buzzworthy sophomore season debuted in late 2019, fans have been incredibly excited to see Season 3 of You. The Lifetime series, which has since become a Netflix original, has packed plot twists and cliffhangers into the majority of its run, and that is sure to only continue in the upcoming episodes. While Season 3 of You doesn't currently have a release date, showrunner Sera Gamble recently took to Instagram to share the title script page from the season's tenth episode, with the caption "Getting closer." This definitely isn't confirmation that the series will return soon, but it does mean that production on the episodes is one step further along.

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You will see the return of Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg, with Victoria Pedretti returning as his girlfriend, Love Quinn. In the Season 2 finale, Joe learned that Love wasn't afraid to kill for him -- and that she was pregnant with his baby daughter. Joe came to realize that he was willing to stay in a relationship with Love. The duo moved in together in a suburban neighborhood in California, and Joe began to wax poetic about his new life -- and how it was all worth it to lead him to a new woman. Joe peeked through the fence shared by him and his next-door neighbor and saw a woman with a stack of classic books writing in a journal.

The question of who that new woman is has plagued the You fandom for months, with some speculating that it could actually be Joe's mother, Sandy, who abandoned him as a child. Whether or not that will be the case remains to be seen.

"You is so much fun for me because I get to play something extremely different, something that I think a lot of people are going to be surprised by. I hope so," Charlie Barnett, who appeared in Season 2 as Gabe Miranda, revealed to in late 2019. "And I had a lot of fun doing it, as much as the stakes are insane on that show as well. There's a lot of depth, and I want people to not forget that. It seems like people have fallen in love with Penn's character, and I'm like, 'He's a f-cking serial killer! What's wrong with you?'"

"But within that, there's a lot of humor and it is a fun, twisty kind of road," Barnett continued. "I gotta say, Victoria Pedretti. She and Penn... I mean the entire cast, I got to work with an incredible group of women who played kind of like my posse. But the two of them helming the show, I'm just really excited about it, because they are just powerhouse actors. I mean I got to see them... We worked a lot together, and I saw them do some really, really challenging stuff just fantastically and beautifully. And I can't wait as an audience member to kind of resonate off of their storyline, because sh-t is crazy."


New cast members for You Season 3 will include Scott Speedman, Tati Gabrielle, and Scott Michael Foster.

The first two seasons of You are currently available to stream on Netflix.