Netflix's You Theory Could Set Up a Major Twist for Season 3

Netflix closed out 2019 with some pretty epic original programming, including the highly-anticipated sophomore season of You. The dramatic thriller has captivated audiences since before it became a Netflix original series, and the latest batch of episodes was certainly no exception. Just as Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgely) seemed to get his twisted take on a happily ever after, things took an unexpected turn, in a final scene that still has fans talking. As some have begun to speculate, there's a chance that the final scene could have even one more twist in store. Spoilers for the second season of Netflix's You below! Only look if you want to know!

In the Season 2 finale, Joe learned the true machinations of Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), the Los Angeles chef that he had grown obsessed with. After realizing that Love wasn't afraid to kill for him - and that she was pregnant with his baby daughter - Joe came to realize that he was willing to stay in a relationship with Love. The duo moved in together in a suburban neighborhood in California, and Joe began to wax poetic about his new life -- and how it was all worth it to lead him to a new woman. Joe peeked through the fence shared by him and his next-door neighbor and saw a woman with a stack of classic books writing in a journal.

Since we never quite saw her face, some (rightfully) assumed that the woman would be the subject of Joe's latest romantic infatuation. But a second camp has also popped up online -- of people who think the mystery woman might really be Joe's mother.

The context clues of the finale - and of Season 2 as a whole - certainly support that possibility, as Joe's childhood relationship with his mom, Sandy, was conveyed in multiple flashback sequences. Sandy promised that the two of them would run away from Joe's abusive father, only for a young Joe to shoot and kill his dad. Shortly after, Sandy dropped Joe off at a home for troubled youth, and Joe seemingly never had any contact with her in the years since. This was hammered home by an exchange between Joe and Love, where the latter asks if his mom is "still out there".

While the flashbacks do serve a narrative purpose in Season 2 - mainly, showing how Joe's dark relationship with intimacy and murder began - there's a chance they could be setting up more. Given just how cunning both Joe and Love are, it certainly doesn't seem impossible that one of them could have engineered a complicated way to become next door neighbors with a now-older Sandy. It's also hard to deny that the idea would make for an unpredictable storyline in a hypothetical third season, while also maintaining the twisted love story that Joe and Love have.


What do you think of this You fan theory? Would you want to see Joe's mom return in Season 3? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

The first two seasons of You are currently available on Netflix.