AEW Names First All-Atlantic Champion at Forbidden Door

In the lead-up to the Forbidden Door PPV crossover event with New Japan Pro Wrestling, All Elite Wrestling announced a brand new title belt. The All-Atlantic Championship is meant to highlight wrestlers around the world, and AEW held an eliminator tournament leading to a four-way match at Forbidden Door to determine the first-ever All-Atlantic Champion. Malakai Black, PAC, and Miro won their way into the championship match on AEW events over the last two weeks, while Tomohrio Ishii earned his way in for NJPW. Due to an injury, however, Ishii was removed from the match and Clark Connors was named his replacement.

PAC, member of the Death Triangle, was able to submit Clark Connors in order to take home the first-ever All-Atlantic Championship. That said, he had a little help from one of his biggest adversaries.

The match was a full-on free-for-all throughout the entire affair, but Malakai Black and Miro developed something of a rivalry midway through. Malakai was focused on taking out PAC, a longtime rival, but Miro intervened in order to take the action for himself. After the true four-way action resumed, Malakai Black looked for a little assistance, setting up a table against the barrier next to the ring. Instead of continuing his onslaught on PAC, Malakai went for Miro. It was ultimately Connors who came out of nowhere to put Miro through the table.

Connors almost had the victory, nearly pinning PAC to take home the built, but Malakai Black saved his rival in order to save his own chances at a championship. All three men ended up on the top rope and Miro threw them down to the mat at the same time. Miro then attempted to submit PAC but Malakai once again saved the day, this time spraying the Redeemer with the black mist. 

Ahead of Sunday's Forbidden Door event, AEW President Tony Khan spoke with's Connor Casey about the importance of the new All-Atlantic belt.

"It's a heavy emphasis on international competition, but the US can get involved in the competition," Khan explained. "And I think it's a great way to spotlight a lot of the international wrestlers in AEW, and the international presence that AEW's developed over the years now with our shows on in 130 countries around the world and great ratings in so many huge international markets, including every week finishing as the number one wrestling company in the UK and our ratings there continue to rise."

"So for the international fans and for the international wrestlers on the roster, I felt like it would create more opportunities," he added. "But I also don't think this title or these opportunities are exclusive to the international wrestlers. But it's a big benefit of the term."

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