Malakai Black Reveals Horrific Injury He Suffered While in WWE

AEW's Malakai Black was a guest on this week's Pro Wrestling 4 Life podcast and revealed to Sean [...]

AEW's Malakai Black was a guest on this week's Pro Wrestling 4 Life podcast and revealed to Sean Waltman the graphic details surrounding an injury he suffered while in NXT back in 2018. Shortly after Black dropped the NXT Championship to Tommaso Ciampa he was written off television following a backstage attack, which was later revealed to be the work of Johnny Gargano. In reality, Black had suffered a horrific testicle injury during a segment with Ciampa, resulting in him being pulled from what was supposed to be a TakeOver triple threat against Ciampa and Gargano for the NXT title.

"Me and Tomasso were in this feud," Black began (h/t "This is the reason why I wasn't on TV for 3 months. We were supposed to get into an angle with me, Johnny, and Tomasso that was going to be a TakeOver match. It was already announced. A week later, we went on the road. Tomasso had just won the belt from me. We were on the road. We were in Las Vegas. We had this thing where I jump on the top rope, he comes running and crutches me. He came in with so much force that as I'm going down, his head collides with my nether region. Because of that flinch, I couldn't catch myself from falling on the post. So I hit the post full speed, and it shattered my testicle into 7 pieces. I fell in the ring. I remember telling the referee, 'Can you give me a second. I just got hit in the nuts.'

"I wrestled the full 22 minutes. I cut a promo after the match. I came backstage and I just knew something was wrong. I collapsed. I was crawling on the floor. I was in agony. My down there was swollen and protruding through my trunks. I had to grab a towel. I said, 'I think I need to go to the hospital.' They picked me up and took me to my locker room," he continued. "I collapsed again. Everybody started laughing because they thought I was joking. Chris Hero said, 'You're not ok, are you?' I said, 'No. I think something happened.' I explained what happened and he said, 'We have to take you to the hospital.' He put me in the ambulance with Christian, the NXT doctor. They drove me to the Las Vegas hospital. I had to wait quite a while to actually get surgery. I had to wait like 6 or 7 hours before I got the surgery."