Alexa Bliss Reveals Bray Wyatt's Advice to her Before Leaving WWE

Alexa Bliss recently returned to action after several therapy skits saw her change up her Dark Alexa persona a bit, though there are still several elements of the character that stayed, like Lilli the doll. Bliss made that initial transformation after working a storyline with Bray Wyatt (real name Windham Rotunda), who was The Fiend at the time, and she would continue evolving the character after Wyatt was unexpectedly released by WWE. In a new interview with, Bliss talked about what Windham told her before he left, and he very much wanted her to keep running with the character.

When talking about working with Wyatt and creating the character, Bliss said "Oh, a hundred percent. He is a creative genius in every sense of the word. He made me step up my game. He obviously helped a lot with the Dark Alexa character I had to take that and evolve it into its own entity, and put my own spin on things."

Bliss then revealed what he told her about the character before he left and how she would feel about working with him again should the opportunity ever arise, and she's definitely down for a reunion. "Before he left, he just said, 'Keep it alive, keep it going', so I took that to heart and tried to keep it alive and going," Bliss said. "If he ever did return, a hundred percent I'd want to work with him."

"Everyone wanted to work with Windham, he's just so good and so creatively genius. He put so much effort into his craft, and for me it was, how do I create something alongside him without lowering his integrity, lowering his character, lowering his stuff? Because you have to try to rise to the occasion instead of bringing the other person down to match your level. I really tried in that sense to at least do his character justice," Bliss said. "He's the best!"

Fans are hoping to see Bliss in the mix at SummerSlam, and as for Windham, fans are hoping he makes a return to the ring sooner than later, and they will lose their minds when he finally does.

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