Arn Anderson's Son Barrett Dead at 37

Arn Anderson took to Twitter on Saturday to deliver the unfortunate news that his eldest son, Barrett, had passed away at the age of 37. He wrote, "Last night my family suffered a loss that should never he felt by any parent. Our older son Barrett passed away. I am struggling to write this. Tell those you love that you love them. Barrett was just 37."

Anderson has been with All Elite Wrestling since 2019. The younger of his sons, Brock, has been wrestling with the promotion since 2021 with Arn as his manager. Brock released a statement of his own on the loss of his brother. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

"I never thought of what to say in something like this because it's not something you just have on stand by waiting for the day to come..." Brock wrote. "Last night I lost my brother Barrett...and since that moment I found out, my body has been in shock. It is not clicking in my brain that he's gone and idk if it ever will. My parents are in absolute shambles and for the first time in my life, I saw my Dad, a man's man, absolutely break down in tears... Having to see my parents get that call is the most excruciating and cruel thing I've ever witnessed, and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Idk why but one thought keeps popping in to my head. I remember him driving me around at 7 years old in his brand new blue Chevy Silverado blasting Young Jeezy and Outkast. Right before the line, 'What's cooler than being cool??,' hit, he would ask me the same question. And before my young mind could register the question, he would cut me off and shout, 'ICE COLDDD,' and would send me into hysterics every single time. Memories like that make me not sad for losing him so young, but happy that I had him as long as I did. All my life I've been a little brother...and now I'm not even a fucking brother at all. I love you Wimpster."

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