Braun Strowman Hints at 'Saturday Night Live' Appearance

Braun Strowman continued his feud with Saturday Night Live's Colin Jost and Michael Che on Monday [...]

Braun Strowman continued his feud with Saturday Night Live's Colin Jost and Michael Che on Monday Night Raw this week, and hinted at a potential appearance on SNL after the show.

During the episode Strowman was told that a car was waiting for him outside of the arena in Pittsburgh. It turned out to be a new red sports car, which was intended to be a gift from the SNL crew to Strowman. But the "Monster Among Men" wasn't impressed and began tearing the car apart.

Strowman then took to Twitter, writing, "Don't try and butter up to me. You made your bed it's time for you to lay in it!!!! #GetTheseHands #IDontLikeGifts #LiveFromSaturdayNight."

The last of those hashtags was a reference to the "Live From New York, It's Saturday Night!" slogan that the actors shout at the end of every opening sketch, kicking off the start of each show. This led some fans to wonder if the big man would appear on the comedy sketch show in order to further the feud.

Che and Jost, who are both the hosts of SNL's Weekend Update as well as the co-head writers of the show, appeared on Raw the week prior to announce that they would be the special "correspondents" for WrestleMania 35. Jost accidentally angered Strowman when he asked if wrestling was actually real, prompting Strowman to life him off his feet by his collar and hold him up against a wall for a full commercial break.

If Strowman were to appear, he would join John Cena, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson (who have both hosted the show), Big Show, Triple H and Vince McMahon as wrestlers who have appeared on SNL.

While unusual, getting involved with SNL would be the first notable program Strowman has had in a few months. He beat then-Raw general manager Baron Cobin back at TLC and earned a shot at Brock Lesnar's Universal Championship, but wound up being stripped of the title shot after accidentally attacking Vince McMahon's limo. Finn Balor replaced him at the Royal Rumble against "The Beast."

Back at WrestleMania 34 Strowman made headlines when he pulled a random 10-year-old fan named Nicholas (son of WWE referee John Cone) and won the Raw Tag Team Championships with him in a match against The Bar.