Bubba Ray Dudley: 'WWE's Women Outshining the Men'

A few months ago, it was cool to say that women's wrestling was the best part of WWE. But now, [...]

A few months ago, it was cool to say that women's wrestling was the best part of WWE. But now, you'd only be stating the obvious.

During an appearance on the Wincly Podcast, Bubba Ray Dudley made a decree that may rule WWE in 2019:

"I think the WWE women right now are outshining the WWE men," said Ray. "I think Becky, Charlotte, Asuka and Ronda are doing a phenomenal job. I'm so happy to see Asuka back in the mix because she is the real deal. I mean this is a girl that had matches with Minoru Suzuki in Japan. You wanna talk about bad MF, that's what Asuka is," he said.

WWE is certainly giving their women an abundance of high profile opportunities as the final pay-per-views of 2019 were built around the women's locker room. While Ronda Rousey is the most obvious name, WWE has gotten monstrous contributions from Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. While their momentum isn't surprising to most fans, the ascension of Asuka and even Nia Jax has given the Women's Division a balance that ins;t present with their male counterparts.

"Charlotte is the best female athlete and one of the best athletes, period, in the entire WWE and Becky is the chosen one right now. Becky is the people's champion. So when you have a warrior like Asuka, a phenomenal athlete like Charlotte, and the people's champion with the emotional investment in Becky…now you bring the badass Ronda Rousey? You have four top stars there. I don't care if they're male, female – they are getting the job done," said Dudley.

All signs point to the women of WWE making history and main eventing WrestleMania for the first time. While most people seem to think that will be a showdown between Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey, we're still a little too far out to make any guarantees. However, if Lynch wins the Royal Rumble, those plans may be in motion.

There is a chance that WWE uses a triple threat with the addition of Flair at WM35. After her feud with Lynch and beatdown by Flair at Survivor Series, Rousey had plenty of incentive to hurt both women. So when she sabotaged their championship match at TLC, it looked like WWE made room for a potential triple threat at WM35.

2019 should be very interesting for WWE. For the first time ever, the women have seemingly eclipsed them. some of that has to do with Roman Reing exiting the company, but most of it comes from an insanely talented women's locker room.