Cody Rhodes Posts Heartfelt Career Reflection Days Before AEW Dynamite's Premiere

Just eight days before All Elite Wrestling premieres its weekly live TNT show, AEW Dynamite, Cody [...]

Just eight days before All Elite Wrestling premieres its weekly live TNT show, AEW Dynamite, Cody Rhodes took to social media to reflect on his journey in becoming the executive vice president of the young company. The lengthy statement covered a wide variety of topics from his time in WWE to the loss of his father Dusty Rhodes to the factors that helped AEW get off the ground as a promotion, which included the rise of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla in Los Angeles, Colt Cabana's popularity on the independent scene and CM Punk's famous "Pipebomb" promo.

"All these cumulative factors would still not have gotten us to today without the largest and loudest factor of all: pro wrestling fans," he wrote. "This includes the growing number, and often shadow market, of fans who for some reason or another felt disillusioned by the current product and went searching for the alternative that truly spoke to them.

"My gratitude is extended in anticipation for AEW: Dynamite, but even if Wednesday October 2, was the first and only AEW show, what has happened now in wrestling cannot be undone," he continued. "Wrestlers now have a chance for better pay and a healthier schedule, and the doors have been opened wider to a wrestling show more congruent with the diversity of our current society. This isn't because of AEW. It's because of you, the fans — from diehard to brand new. And, the changes in wrestling aren't exclusive to AEW. This progress can now permeate all promotions."

He then asked the fans for one request — to give as much feedback as possible.

"I would ask you this one favor as we move forward: speak to me," Rhodes wrote. "John Cena once told me that when the fans clap their hands or stomp their feet or give a visceral indicator that they want something, you need to DO something. Otherwise, they will stop making noise Please share your feedback with me I want all of it. Good, bad, ugly. What we did right, what we did wrong, and why. Let me help create and tailor a product for you."

He wrapped things up by addressing the fact that Dynamite will go head-to-head every week with WWE's NXT brand, which will make the full transition to the USA Network on Oct. 2.

"I know what's on the other side of the hill," he concluded. "A billion-dollar publicly traded behemoth with 70 years of experience and an expansive network of divisions and subsidiaries, which has ultimately become a monopoly in wrestling. Yeah, I'm a bit nervous. I'm a little scared, too. But I'm saddling up in DC anyway along with the best partners and wrestlers on the planet. I'm with AEW because AEW is for everybody, and I hope everybody tunes in and gives us a chance to shine for you. Thank you!"

Rhodes will take on Sammy Guevara in the first match of Dynamite's premiere on Oct. 2 at the sold-out Capital One Arena in Washington D.C.