Former WWE and Impact Wrestling Stars Debut in AEW on Rampage, Challenge for ROH Titles

AEW Rampage ended in a chaotic brawl, and there were some new additions in the midst of that battle as Rampage came to a close. FTR and Shawn Spears would walk away with the win against The Embassy, but their celebration was cut short when former Ring of Honor, Impact Wrestling, and WWE stars The Kingdom walked down the ramp. Maria Kanellis, Mike Bennett, and Matt Taven walked out and caught FTR off guard, and they were looking for some respect from these new Ring of Honor stars for the house they built and a Title rematch they never received. You can check out their debut in the video below.

"My name is Marian Kanellis, and I am the First Lady of professional wrestling, and we just had to come out here because you guys call yourself top guys but you've never competed against us," Kanellis said. "You see, that Ring of Honor and IWGP Tag Team Title, they belonged to us first. This company and everything it's built on, it was on our backs, and we never get the credit we deserve."

"So let me introduce you to the real top guys," Kanellis said. "Mike Bennett. Mike Taven. We are The Kingdom." Then The Embassy attacked FTR and Spears and then Taven and Bennett were attacking FTR as well, and it was five on three in the ring. Thankfully for FTR and Spears they would get some big-time help.

That was when Samoa Joe and Wardlow (or WarJoe) came down to the ring and evened the odds. Once they hit the ring the Embassy and The Kingdom would clear out, and Rampage would come to a close. The Kingdom would also give a backstage interview that played out on social media, and they revealed why they were here to AEW's Lexy Nair.

The Kingdom highlighted that they were already two-time ROH Tag Team Champions and IWGP Tag Team Champions. Taven then said that they were owed a match for the ROH Tag Team Titles, and they are here to get that gold. FTR looked more than happy to oblige, and they've never shied away from a fight before, so it seems we will be getting that match-up soon.

It's unclear if they are signed to AEW or specifically are part of ROH, but they only the ROH and IWGP Titles in their promo and didn't hint at anything specially AEW. They are also coming off of time in Impact Wrestling where they were part of the faction Honor No More, but they seemed okay with being affiliated with ROH once more so that seems to be in the past.

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