Happy Corbin Destroys Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Trophy on WWE SmackDown

Those who watched last week's episode of WWE SmackDown will remember that Happy Corbin delivered a beatdown to Madcap Moss, going so far as to put a chair around his neck and stomp on it. Moss was taken out of the arena on a stretcher and later went to a local medical facility, but Corbin wasn't satisfied with just beating him up. Tonight Corbin went to the ring and revealed why he beat up Moss, citing the fact that his ego had grown and he wasn't appreciative of Corbin's role in his success, and to cap it all off he went and destroyed the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy.

If you've seen the Trophy, you know it's not small and stands pretty high on a stand with a small gold statue of Andre the Giant on top. Corbin picked the whole thing up and slammed it against the ring post and steel steps, shattering the base of it and sending pieces of it everywhere.

Then Corbin took the top statue part and headed in the ring, holding it up for all to see. He didn't break that portion of the trophy, but the rest is toast, and we'll have to see what happens when Moss realizes what has happened to the trophy. Moss couldn't have been more proud of winning the Battle Royal and holding that trophy, and he will not take kindly to the fact that Corbin went and destroyed it.

Corbin also previously won the match and the trophy, and he seems to be quite jealous of Moss' success and being able to say he is a fellow winner of the match. It remains to be seen what the extent of Moss' injuries are, and hopefully, he'll be back in the ring soon.

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