Impact Wrestling Crowns New Tag Team Champions

Tonight's episode of Impact Wrestling featured a battle for the Impact World Tag Team Championships between Honor No More's Matt Taven and Mike Bennett and Heath and Rhino, and after a heated throwdown in the ring that ended up getting Maria Kanellis Gored, Heath and Rhino have been crowned the new Impact World Tag Team Champions! While The Kingdom pulled out all the stops and did whatever they could to gain the advantage and take the match, Heath and Rhino still found a way to emerge victorious, and you can see the full moment unfold in the post below.

At one point Rhino had Kanellis on the other side of the ropes, but Bennett broke it up and caused Rhino to let go. That's when Kanellis followed them into the ring and grabbed a bag of powder, but when she went to throw it in Rhino's face he ducked out of the way and it went into Bennett's eyes instead.

That allowed Heath to hit the Wakeup Call on Bennett, but Taven clocked him and knocked him down with a huge kick. He was asking Maria what happened to Bennett when Rhino got to his feet and the crowd started chanting gore.

Taven would turn around and Rhino charged ahead, but Taven spun around him and shoved him forward, causing him to gore Kanellis instead. Taven was busy looking at Maria and didn't see Heath get to his feet, and Heath would hit another Wakeup Call on Taven, and that would allow him to cover Taven for the pin and the win. Heath and Rhino are your new Impact World Tag Team Champions.

It remains to be seen what will happen with Honor No More, but the group seems to be spread thing at the moment after tonight's episode. Eddie Edwards revealed the group was kicking PCO out, but then he proceeded to deliver a beatdown to everyone in the ring and then did so again outside of the ring. The Kingdom has already made their debut in AEW and the new ROH on last week's Rampage, and seem to be in a full program there. Plus, Kenny King is part of the upcoming X-Division tournament, so it would seem Edwards is the last main pillar standing in Impact at the moment.

Are you excited for Heath and Rhino as your new Tag Team Champions? Let us know in the comments or as always you can talk all things wrestling with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!