Jason Jordan's Injury Reportedly Worse Than Expected

Over the summer, multiple reports suggested that Jason Jordan was nearing a return to action after [...]

Over the summer, multiple reports suggested that Jason Jordan was nearing a return to action after February neck surgery. However, we have yet to see the 29-year old — and things may stay that way.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Jordan's injury is worse than expected and a return in the near future seems unlikely. The timetable was left ambiguous but a SummerSlam appearance sounds like it's officially off the table.

Jordan's surgery was said to be a minimally invasive procedure to repair a nerve in his neck. Before hitting the operating table, there were reports of the injury affecting Jordan's grip strength—an ominous sign. However, as the speculation ran, his wife assuaged any budding hysteria with an Instagram post.

"I will address this once...

Yes, "Jason Jordan" is injured. I assure you everything you have seen online is "Fake News!" He has a minor neck injury and will be back in no time! Although, I am very excited to have him home for a bit, I promise, I will help guide him to a speedy recovery! Thank you to everyone who reached out to check on him! He is very positive and already planning his comeback! In the meantime, just please keep sending Nathan and I good vibes!!"

Shortly after WrestleMania season, reports of Jordan being backstage for Raw began to surface. Despite his presence, Jordan never showed up on WWE cameras, leaving room for fans to question his health. With the latest report, we once again have to worry about the severity of Jordan's injury.

Our last update concerning Jordan's health came from PWInsider in late July where it was reported WWE doctor had yet to clear the young Superstar. The medical team is said to be very cautious moving forward.

Last week Jordan did find his name attached to a rumor that seemed to suggest that his recovery was on track. Apparently, WWE is planning on reuniting him with Chad Gable in order to have them feud with Seth Rollins and a freshly returned Dean Ambrose. That's a fun rumor to chew on, but right now Jordan making a full recovery should be a top our wish list.

We'll see how it goes, but don't expect Jordan back during the SummerSlam season. These conflicting reports send worrisome signals about his recovery, and hopefully, we'll see him later this year. Luckily for WWE, their roster is packed full of talent so Vince McMahon locomotive is still running strong without Jordan.