Jay White Wins First AEW Match on Rampage, Teases Match with Orange Cassidy

New Japan's Jay White ambushed Trent on this week's AEW Dynamite, and tonight White would get in the ring with Trent for his first in-ring appearance in All Elite Wrestling. White came out strong early, knocking Trent back and sending him into the corner, but Trent fought back with punches and a vicious back elbow that knocked White down to the mat. Trent hit two loud chops and White came back with a knee, and they exchanged strikes until Trent knocked him out of the ring.

White came back and slammed Trent's back into the announce table and then into the ring and back again, but Trent then threw White into the barricade before clotheslining White onto the floor.

Then hit regained the momentum after suplexing Trent down to the floor outside of the ring. They would trade blows in the ring shortly after, and White would retain control by slinging Trent's leg around and slamming him down followed by more holds and submissions targeted towards Trent's legs and back.

Trent crawler towards the ropes as he was obviously in pain and he broke the hold. He came back with elbows but then was duplexed across the ring and then slammed on top of the ropes. White tried a pin but Trent kicked out.

White kept hold of Trent's wrist as he targeted Trent's ribs with punches, but Trent got some punches in before he got knocked down to the mat. White was toying with him but then Trent pulled him and slammed him into the corner turnbuckle and outside of the ring. Trent hit a Moonsault onto White but it did more damage to Trent than White.

Both were back in the ring and Trent charged in with a back elbow and went for a DDT but White caught it and hit a Flatliner and then hit a German Suplex with a high bridge but Trent managed to kick out.

Trent caught White as he charged in and hit him with the DDT, but White kicked out of the pin attempt that followed. Trent punched White in the face several times

Trent kicked White out of the ring and onto the floor and then set up for a spear, but White countered and kneed Trent in the face. Then White suplexed Trent through a chair and then dragged him into the ring. White picked up Trent and slammed him down and went for a pin but Trent kicked out. Trent fought back but White hit a massive chop only for Trent to slam White down. He charged at White and he went to counter the move but Trent got the better of it twice and then went for the pin, but White kicked out.

They traded elbow strikes and punches, but then White started getting the better of it with big chops and a palm strike and then punches, but Trent hit a Lariat to knock him down. He hit the Piledriver and went for the pin, but White kicked out. White then countered another move into the Blade Runner, and that was it, giving White the pin and the win.

Orange Cassidy came into the ring to help his friend and he exchanged some back and forth with White, so perhaps we will see them take on each other at some point soon.

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