Jey Uso Reveals Why He Turned on Sami Zayn, Leads to Cody Rhodes Team-Up on WWE SmackDown

After Jey Uso turned on Sami Zayn, the wrestling world wanted answers, and tonight's WWE SmackDown was supposed to be the night that Jey gave them answers. He did just that, though the fans clearly weren't accepting of his reasons to turn on his friend. After Jey and Jimmy Uso finished with Zayn, they turned their attention to Cody Rhodes, who will face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39. Things turned into chaos though when Zayn returned and speared Jey, and then Rhodes jumped in and attacked Jimmy, leading to a brawl through the crowd and around the ring.

Jey and Jimmy started things out in the ring. Jey started by saying "So the big question of the night, of the whole week..." At that point, Sami chants broke out. "Yeah yeah yeah, they be like Jey why'd you do it? Why you do it? Why'd you betray Sami Zayn like that? Hey switch roles right quick," Jey said. "Step in my shoes Uce, let me ask you a question. What would you do? You will do everything for your family. What would you do?"

"Want to know why I did it? Because I had to," Jey said. "I had to. I ain't wanna do it. I aint have no choice. I never had a choice, because he (Jimmy) is my blood. He is my twin. He is my blood. He is my family. And you ain't. You want to blame me? You want to blame me? You don't know what I go through. You sit in your living room every week, you don't know what I go through every week. There's one person I blame. There's one person I blame, and that is you Sami Zayn."

"You know what your problem is Sami? He said it already. The Tribal Chief said it," Jey said. "You're selfish. All you had to do was fall in line, but you don't know nothing about that, because your a** ain't blood, and you never will be."

Jimmy then took aim at a different person. "So now that we got rid of that Sami Zayn problem, there's only one more to get rid of, and his name is Cody Rhodes," Jimmy said. "Cody, what is your issue?"

"Then Rhodes' music hit, and he had a microphone in hand. "I keep hearing my name. If you're going to talk about me, then why not talk directly to me? You said that you answer to Roman Reigns, but I don't. I answer to them (points to the fans). And it sounds like they don't want to hear us talk. Sounds like they'd rather see us fight," Rhodes said.

"Hey listen Cody. You take one more step here and you ain't gonna make it to WrestleMania son," Jimmy said. "We're going to put you on the shelf just like we did Sami Zayn."

Then Zayn hit the ring and speared Jey, and Rhodes came in to take on Jimmy. That led to a full-on brawl between all four that ended up heading into the crowd. Zayn and Jey made their way back to the ring and Rhodes and Jimmy followed, and then Rhodes and Zayn would clear the ring and stand tall.

Will this lead to a Tag match with Cody and Sami vs The Usos? It seems it could head that way, but we'll have to wait and see.

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