Jim Ross Says Dean Ambrose Will Be a 'Major Player' Wherever He Goes Next

Dean Ambrose will make his WWE departure sometime next month. No one is quite sure what his plans [...]

Dean Ambrose will make his WWE departure sometime next month. No one is quite sure what his plans are, but Jim Ross says that if he joins another wrestling company, he's ready to be the face of that lucky promotion.

In an episode of the Jim Ross Report, Good Ol' JR said that Ambrose is ready to take a leap forward as a wrestler and become a guy a company can build around.

"Wherever Ambrose may land in his next gig, he will be a major player," says Ross. "He's ready to be a featured guy, not another top guy."

In February, WWE announced that Ambrose would leave in April when his contract expired. When a wrestler reaches lame-duck status, it's standard protocol to have them enter a long losing streak followed by a total removal from television. It seems petty, but as a business, WWE isn't interested in keeping Ambrose hot in order for him to leave the company and hit free agency with measurable momentum.

WWE enacted Ambrose's losing streak a few weeks ago, but that was interrupted by the return of Roman Reigns. With a final opportunity to have the Shield on a pay-per-view, WWE didn't hesitate to include Ambrose in Fastlane's main event. However the next night on Raw, an attack from Drew McIntyre appeared to write Ambrose off of television for good.

Surely Ambrose knew how this would play out; WWE neuters his character then he disappears. And according to Ross, Amrbose's work, despite him have no incentive to do well, has been very good.

"He's had great work since he said he was leaving," said Ross. "His work has been exemplary. He hasn't called anything in, he has had great matches, great effort."

No one is quite sure why Ambrose is leaving WWE. There were rumors of him being frustrated by WWE's creative process, enough for him to reportedly turn down a very handsome contract extension. Fans have already begun speculating that Ambrose will land in AEW, but outside of conversations on social media, there has been little substance to that idea. Of course, Ambrose could join Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, Neville and Cody Rhodes in the upstart promotion, but there's just no telling at this point. However, Ross believes that no matter what, Ambrose has a bright future in wrestling.

"Wherever he's going, somebody's getting a player."