Justice League Release The Snyder Cut Sign Spotted During WWE Raw

The fan movement for Warner Bros. to release the 'Snyder Cut' of the 2017 Justice League film has [...]

The fan movement for Warner Bros. to release the "Snyder Cut" of the 2017 Justice League film has made its way to the world of pro wrestling. During this week's episode of Monday Night Raw from the Toyota Arena in Ontario, California, a fan was spotted in the crowd holding up a sign reading "Release the Snyder Cut." This is far from the first time fans of the movement have brought the phrase to unrelated events, with a recent example coming in January when a fan paid for a banner during a Middlesbrough vs. Tottenham English soccer game.

Check out a screenshot of the sign below.

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The dabate over whether or not an actual version of the Justice League film made by director Zack Snyder has raged on for more than a year, and Snyder finally stepped in back in December to state that the cut did exist but wasn't finished.

"Film is not 100 percent finished still some stuff I want to do as with every film I've made not sure what difference it makes as to the finished level of the film," Snyder wrote on VERO at the time.

Snyder had previously stated his idea for the film went in a much darker direction, and that Warner Bros. scrapped his ideas after he stepped away from the project due to a persona tragedy.

"The truth is that, the Knightmare sequence in this movie was always my idea that all of that would eventually be explained," he said. "…and that we would end up in the distant future, where Darkseid has taken over Earth and where Superman has succumbed to the Anti-Life [Equation] ... There were a few members of the Justice League that had survived in that world, that they were fighting. Batman broke a pact with Cyborg because something happened... They were working on an equation to jump Flashback to tell Bruce..."

The movement has managed to get support from members of the Justice League cast, including Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and Jason Momoa (Aquaman).

"I think the movie suffered from very sad and unfortunate circumstances," Gadot said in an interview with CinePop. "I would have loved to see the finished cut of Zack and I hope one day we'll get to see it, but I don't know."

"I think the public needs to see it. I'm obviously indebted to Warner and DC and I don't know how they feel about it, but as a fan, I'm very, very happy I got to see it," Momoa told MTV News.