Kurt Angle Celebrates Birthday With Gable Steveson and the Return of the Milk Truck on WWE SmackDown

Tonight's WWE SmackDown was action-packed right from the get-go, though one of the most entertaining segments was saved for last. The main event of tonight's SmackDown was the Birthday celebration for WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle, and he was also joined by Gable Steveson in a segment that would end up also featuring Alpha Academy, Birthday Cade, a clip-on tie, and a milk truck. After Alpha Academy interrupted the event, they would end up getting blindsided by milk bottles thrown in the ring and then they got hit with blasts of milk from a hose, and it was the perfect way to celebrate the Hall of Famers birthday on the blue brand.

At the beginning of the segment, Angle came out and said thank you to Pittsburgh for the birthday celebration, but he was quickly cut off by Alpha Academy. Gable and Otis walked down to the ring and were irritated that they weren't invited to the celebration, and Gable also said Angle was jealous of being shown up by a real gold medal winner.

He then said he agreed with the crowd, saying that they were right every time they said 'you suck'. He then shushed the crowd and said that they still come out to celebrate Kurt. He said he knows what he really became, saying he lost his intensity and his intelligence and told him to get out of their ring, adding that Otis was going to eat his birthday cake.

The crowd wanted Otis to eat the cake, and then Angle walked out of the ring. He then said "I tell you what. If you want to eat all that cake, you're going to need a lot of milk." Then he waved in a big milk truck with Gable Steveson riding alongside. Angle got in and rode it to the ring, and then they pulled out milk bottles and threw them into the ring at Alpha Academy.

They bounced off Otis and Gable, but then Angle decided to take things up a notch and he then pulled a milk hose from the truck and set it off, hitting Otis and Gable with milk and knocking them all over the ring. Otis took the brunt of the attack, and Steveson was cheering Angle on the entire time.

After Alpha Academy was cleared from the ring, Angle and Steveson headed into the ring and opened up some milk bottles to share in the ring. After a toast was made they chugged all of them, delivering Stone Cold Steve Austin vibes throughout. You can check out some of the moments in the videos above.

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