Legendary Voice Of The WWE Jim Ross Comments On His Future Plans

Have wrestling fans become too cynical to enjoy wrestling? During a telephone interview to promote [...]

Have wrestling fans become too cynical to enjoy wrestling? During a telephone interview to promote his coming one-man show as part of Survivor Series weekend in Toronto, legendary voice of the WWE, Jim Ross, discussed the constant complaints that have flooded the internet wrestling community. Ross said that some fans have forgotten how to enjoy the product.

"We seemingly live in a society of contrarians. It's easier to always look at a glass half empty. I choose to look at a glass half full. I think when you get to my age, when you've had the tenure I've had, and the experiences I've had, you know that wrestling can change in a heartbeat, for the better and the worse, and that sometimes things that you don't foresee were going to be hits, at the end of the day become hits."

While some fans may be down on the product, Ross thinks the wrestling business is doing just fine.

"The good news is that the majority of the wrestlers who are in it full time — who really are pursuing it the right way — are earning more money now than they arguably ever have. I think that that's a good sign," said the man affectionately known as good ol' JR. "WWE's healthy financially, Ring of Honor is healthy financially, we know that TNA is having some issues but hopefully they'll get back on their feet and continue to attempt to be viable in the marketplace. There's plenty of room for them, in the big picture. New Japan seems to be healthy. The long answer is that the business seemingly on virtually every level, for virtually all of the talent, is more financially lucrative now than maybe ever, across the board. I think that's positive."

Ross believes the future is bright in the pro wrestling business.

"I think it's going through a significant transitional period that can be really exciting, notwithstanding some fans who have no patience and who think they have more knowledge than they actually do. Let's see how this thing evolves."

While many question why the WWE has not Ross, the most distinguishable voice in the company's history, back into the fold, JR claims his relationship with his former employer is just fine.

"I do not have an adversarial relationship with WWE," Ross stated emphatically. "I communicate with them at the highest level on a regular basis and enjoy it. But it's not something that I throw out there for public consumption. My relationship with WWE, I believe, is very positive."

"WWE was the best job I ever had," he said. "The smartest move I ever made in my career was going to work for Vince. And I'll say that until, as Bobby Heenan would say, I take the last dirt nap. I'll always be indebted to Vince McMahon."

Ross was spotted front row at last weekend's NXT Takeover in Toronto, but is quick to shoot down rumors of wanting to return to his former ringside position.

"I'm not looking for a full-time job. I don't know how I would. I'm 64 years old, I'm in good health, but I've got commitments with CBS and boxing for 2017, I hope to have a major wrestling opportunity with ITV in 2017, my contract with Mark Cuban's network at AXS has been renewed for 2017, I'm trying to finish our book and then market and promote our book. I don't know where I would have the time."