Vince McMahon Reportedly Set on Making Mandy Rose a Star

Mandy Rose's arrival to WWE's main roster was immediately attached to rumors of Vince McMahon [...]

Mandy Rose's arrival to WWE's main roster was immediately attached to rumors of Vince McMahon having big plans for the 27-year-old. However, recent months have seen Rose slip out of relevancy but a new report suggests 2019 could be a big year for her.

According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, McMahon has high hopes for Rose and may use a familiar formula to launch her into stardom.

"Vince is also very high right now on the idea of making Rose a star. Basically it's the similar mindset they earlier with Lana, with the big introduction, before she faded into becoming another woman on the roster and then was put back with Rusev."

So is this a WWE rumor that could prove to be true? Probably.

With Rose this being the second time Rose has been a subject of McMahon's adoration, there's a good chance that this is actually the case. In the same way we heard about WWE's plans for Lana, or even Eva Marie, Rose seems to carry a similar promise.

Right now, names like Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey, and Charlotte Flair are carrying WWE, not just the women's division. While these women are fearsome competitors, a personality like Rose could provide an interesting juxtaposition. Whatever plans WWE has for Rose, we'll guess they're contingent on her being a heel. And as she continues to portray a glamorous fitness model, a character that will be resented by fans and Superstars alike, Rose has the potential to be a highly effective WWE villain.

Rose's solo career looked like it was ready to launch after April's Superstar Shake Up when she was sent to SmackDown with Sonya Deville. That moved marked the end of Absolution, a ground headed by Paige, and seemed to signal Rose's ascension up WWE's ladder. However, that's not what happened, as Rose struggled to nab meaningful camera time for most of 2018.

For now, we can expect SmackDown to revolve around Lynch, Flair and Asuka. But don't be surprised when Rose start getting more opportunities as 2019 unfolds.