Matt Hardy Teases Future of 'Woken Universe' in New Video

Matt Hardy may not be finished with the WWE just yet.The former multi-time WWE tag team champion [...]

Matt Hardy may not be finished with the WWE just yet.

The former multi-time WWE tag team champion posted a video to his YouTube account on Tuesday titled "Hard Truths." He appeared both as normal Matt Hardy and as his "Woken" persona, changing from one to the other as he entered the Hardy Compound in Cameron, North Carolina.

"There are many hard truths that we must face in life," Hardy said, speaking in his normal voice and wearing a suit. "We must all learn how to separate reality from fantasy. I myself must accept the wicked reality that my time, that my broken brilliance may soon be coming to an end in a WWE Universe ring."

The video then adds in audio of various people (most notably Steve Austin) talking about his Broken/Woken persona. The camera then cuts back to Hardy wearing his wrestling gear.

"But another hard truth is that whenever I step through this gate, this gate that symbolizes the line between reality and fantasy, that the wonderful fantasy of Woken Matt Hardy will forever be a reality on the magical Hardy Compound."

Hardy returned to the WWE after a long hiatus alongside his brother Jeff Hardy at WrestleMania 33, winning the Raw Tag Team Championships in a four-way ladder match. After hinting at using the "Broken" persona he had created in Impact Wrestling for months, Hardy finally introduced the new character (now "Woken" Matt Hardy to avoid copyright issues) in November 2017 during his feud with Bray Wyatt.

The two eventually clashed in a Hardy Compound match, known as The Ultimate Deletion, in March which Hardy won thanks to a brief interference from Jeff. Wyatt returned the television at WrestleMania 34 to join forces with Hardy and together the two captured the Raw Tag Team Championships at the Greatest Royal Rumble pay-per-view in late April.

Shortly after dropping the titles to The B Team at Extreme Rules, Hardy revealed to fans that he was suffering from a potentially career-ending injury as his lower back and pelvis were fusing together after years of punishment in the ring.

He has since been posting numerous photos to his Instagram account of him with fans from different points in his career, thanking them for always supporting him. He later confirmed that he was dipping his toe into the backstage aspect of the WWE product as a producer and hasn't been seen on WWE television since July 30.

Whether or not this new video indicates Hardy will be back in a WWE ring soon remains to be seen.