Mexican Wrestler La Parka Passes Away After Injuries From Tragic In-Ring Accident

The wrestling world was dealt a tragic blow with the news that the fan favorite luchador known as La Parka has passed away at the age of 54. The professional wrestler was known for his eccentric wrestling style and ring attire, adorned with skeletal imagery. The wrestler's real name is Jesus Alfonso Huerta Escoboza, and he distinguished himself from the original La Parka who performed as part of WCW in the '90s. Escobaza was known as La Parka II among fans during his time in Asistencia Asesoría y Administración, or the AAA.

Escobaza was injured in October 2019 when he participated in a dangerous spot for a Koaz event. During the event, Escobaza dove out of the ring while performing a spot against his opponent Rush, missing the target and collided with the steel barricade and the concrete floor instead.

There were reports of Escobaza's death that were falsely put forth, and AAA had to refute these claims as it seemed like the wrestler was on the path toward recovery for his injuries. Unfortunately, Escobaza never bounced back from those injuries and the world of pro-wrestling lost a very talented star.

We will update fans with more information about Escobaza's death as it becomes available.


Cover photo by Victor Chavez/WireImage via Getty Images.