WWE Legend Ted DiBiase Invades NXT To Cause Chaos for Cameron Grimes

Tonight's NXT featured a Cameron Grimes who felt slighted, especially after having Ted DiBiase thrown in his face all night. When he got to the ring Grimes played a tribute video, but it didn't feature DiBiase's highlights. Instead it featured all of his falls and defeats, and Grimes loved every second of it, at least until the crowd started changing DiBiase's name. This annoyed Grimes, but not as much as what was to come.

Grimes was to face Jake Atlas, and things were going pretty well for him. That is, until the video on the screen showed a white limousine pulling up to the venue. That signaled that DiBiase might just be in the building, and it turned out he was.

The Million Dollar Man came out to the entrance ramp to his signature "Money, Money, Money" theme, and Grimes was already shaken up. Then he started laughing at Grimes, and that did Grimes in.

Atlas was able to get the upper hand and get the win, leaving Grimes out of sorts for a minute. Then he chased DiBiase backstage all the way out of the Performance Center, pulling on the door of the limousine.

He shouted for DiBiase and he rolled down the window, laughing a bit more as he drove away and leaving Grimes to shout his name in agony. This was not a feud I ever thought I needed, but man is it great.

Here's what is on deck for tonight's NXT.

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