Popular WWE Superstar Suffers Major Injury

A WWE star has revealed they are unfortunately going to be out of action for a while. That would be WWE NXT star Nikkita Lyons, who revealed on her Instagram account that she has suffered a torn ACL and Meniscus, but she is staying positive, and she thanked all her fans for the love and support every week. She also told those "who don't see the vision" thank you with an added "stay ya a** right there.". We wish Lyons a speedy recovery and hope she comes back better than ever, and you can find her full post below.

Lyons shared several photos and added the caption "ACL & Meniscus are torn.🦵🏼This comeback is personal. Thank you to all who consistently show love & genuine support every week. You have no idea how much it means to me. 🌎🦁 Those of you who don't see the vision, thank you too. Stay ya a** right there.

This is just another lesson life needed to teach. 🌻 Love, Light, & Positivity always."

Lyons had overcome a previous injury and was getting back into the swing of things when she was paired with Zoey Stark in a Tag Team. They would challenge for the NXT Tag Team Championships but ultimately they would lose those matches, and that's what led to Stark turning on Lyons.

Then the two started a program against each other and Stark would attack her several times, though Lyons was then missing from TV a bit and now we understand why. When she comes back you can see her facing Stark again and putting a true end to that program, but time will tell.

It's unfortunate that she'll be out of action, but Lyons quickly became a fan favorite after her NXT debut, and when she comes back she will immediately give a boost to the roster. It always felt like a main roster call-up wasn't too far away, but that obviously will be delayed a bit.

Recovery from ACL injuries is typically a longer process, with 8 to 12 months being the common timeframe of a full recovery. Some have made it back sooner of course, but that's the general timeframe for a return. We can't wait to see her back in action, and we wish her all the best.