Watch: R-Truth Challenged By Police Officer For WWE 24/7 Title

R-Truth posted a video to his Instagram page on Friday depicting a police officer challenging him for the WWE 24/7 Championship.

Alluding to the idea that the title is never safe, the video shows Truth being pulled over by two officers. One of the officers tells Truth that he is a big fan so he's letting him off with a warning. He does ask, though, for a picture.

Truth goes to the back of his car to take out the 24/7 title belt. In the process, one of the officers goes and changes into a referee's shirt. When he comes back, Truth hilariously says, "You the po-po and a referee?!"

At that moment, the other officer rolls up Truth from behind as the referee counts to two. After kicking out, Truth gets in the SUV and drives off (with the back-end still open) as the cop laments that he was so close to winning the title.


Check out the footage below.

[From R-Truth’s IG] “You’re a POPO and a referee?” from r/SquaredCircle