Rey Mysterio Says He 'Dropped the Ball' on Promos During WWE Title Run

Rey Mysterio is one of the most iconic names in pro wrestling and remains one of the most popular stars on the WWE roster. These days he's working with his son Dominick Mysterio, which saw them win the SmackDown Tag Team Championships not too long ago, and he's said in interviews how much he enjoys working with Dominick in the squared circle. That said, in a recent interview with Kurt Angle on the Kurt Angle Show, Mysterio recalled his run as World Heavyweight Champion that started at WrestleMania 22, and there is one aspect of that run he wishes would've been better, and that's his work on the microphone.

"I never took the time to work on what I needed to work on in order to back that title up and that was working on my promos or character development. In Lucha, you were never taught that part of this industry. I think that's where I dropped the ball, tremendously, on not being able to back up having the title and being able to cut promos. I've never really been a promo guy. I do most of my talking inside the ring and that's what fans know me for. If I had done my end of the job, the outcome would have been different," Mysterio said.

Mysterio won the title by defeating Kurt Angle and Randy Orton at WrestleMania 22, and he would hold the title for 112 days before King Booker would take it from him at The Great American Bash in 2006. Since then he's reclaimed that title, winning it in 2010, but that run didn't last very long, clocking in at 28 days.

Mysterio has never been a big promo guy, though that hasn't kept him from getting over or becoming a fan favorite. His work in the ring continues to be excellent, and when he does give promos, there's a sincerity to them that tends to outshine the flaws.

Rey and Dominick were just drafted from SmackDown to Monday Night Raw, and it remains to be seen if they will continue to be a team or if the other shoe will drop on their much-teased feud, which has been building for quite some time.

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