Riddle Earns Shot at Roman Reigns' Undisputed WWE Universal Championship on SmackDown

Riddle and Sami Zayn, who was representing The Bloodline, battled it out on tonight's WWE SmackDown for some big stakes. If Zayn won, Riddle would find himself banned from coming to SmackDown any longer, something he's done with relative frequency over the past few weeks. If Riddle won though, Roman Reigns would be forced to defend his Universal Championship against Riddle, and Paul Heyman was sure to convey the stakes to Zayn. Zayn looked to have the win locked up several times, but despite Heyman cheering him on and offering guidance, it was Riddle who would emerge victorious, earning a shot at Roman Reigns' Undisputed Universal Championship.

Zayn was sent into the ropes and Riddle caught him midway through his run and applied a submission but Zayn got the ropes. Riddle connected with a number of kicks and then picked him up, slammed him down, and rolled through into another slam before going for a cover, but Zayn kicked out. Riddle hit several punches and then sent Zayn into the ropes but Zayn got out of the ring and got some offense in of his own, stomping on the former Tag Team Champion.

Zayn slammed him into the announce desk and then rolled him into the ring for a cover, but Riddle kicked out. Zayn tried again and then clubbed Riddle on the head, but Riddle got to his feet and threw him off. Riddle hit a kick to the head and then hit an elbow before hitting a suplex on Zayn and a running knee, but Zayn kicked out again.

Zayn went up top and then ran into Riddle, and then hit a Brainbuster and went for the cover but Riddle kicked out. Riddle was slammed into the post and thus barely beat the count, but he managed to get back in the ring. Zayn went up top but Riddle met him there, though he got knocked back down to the mat. Zayn jumped down but Riddle slammed into him with a knee and went for the cover, but Zayn kicked out right before the three count.

Zayn sent Riddle over the top rope and then he hit a DDT in Randy Orton's style. Zayn then was all about taunting the crowd and went for the Viper's pose, and Heyman was upset that he didn't cover him. Riddle hit a running knee and then lit Zayn up with big kicks in the corner. Riddle then hit a huge kick to the head of Zayn on the outside and launched off the 2nd rope into Zayn. Riddle hit a Orton-style Power Slam on Zayn and then went for the Draping DDT. He did a Viper pose of his own but missed the RKO and Zayn hit the Blue Thunder Bomb and went for the cover but Riddle kicked out.

Heyman was chastising him from the announcer's table and Zayn got the message, but Riddle picked him up only to get countered into a pin but he kicked out. Zayn hit an exploder into the turnbuckle and then set up for the Helluva Kick. He went for it but Riddle hit an RKO and got the pin and the win, The Usos then came out to crash the celebration, beating him down in the ring. Heyman looked visibly upset, but it didn't matter, as next week Reigns will have to defend against Riddle for the WWE Undisputed Championship.

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