ROH Crowns New World Champion at Death Before Dishonor

Tonight's ROH Death Before Dishonor kicked off with one of the biggest matches of the night, which was the battle for the ROH World Championship between Champion Jonathan Gresham and his challenger Claudio Castagnoli. Castagnoli didn't waste any time either, locking in a swing on Gresham early on before the two exchanged wrist locks. Gresham tried to stop the momentum and did just that after an impressive counter-offensive. After several near falls and close calls, it was Castagnoli that survived the physical match-up to become the new ROH World Champion.

Gresham then started targeting Castagnoli's legs and knees, putting pressure and wearing the challenger down. Castagnoli looked to shake it off and then delivered an impressive waist lock around the ropes and then slammed the Champ down to the mat, but Gresham kicked out of the ensuing pin.

Gresham continued to target Claudio's legs with dropkicks and submissions, but Castagnoli bought himself some space and then slammed Gresham down hard on the mat before going for a pin, but the Champ kicked out. Castagnoli delivered a stomp and then went for a cover, but the Champ kicked out. The challenger's attacks were clearly having an effect, as Gresham couldn't pull off certain moves due to the damage done, but he kept up the attack and then applied the Ankle lock until the challenger got to the ropes.

Gresham hit a big chop but Claudio returned the favor with a big uppercut, and then they exchanged more chops and uppercuts. Gresham then hit a dropkick and followed it up with an ankle lock but Claudio got to his feet only to get slammed down on his back for a cover attempt, but he kicked out. Gresham went for a cover next but that was kicked out as well. An uppercut followed and then Claudio went for a Neutralizer but Gresham got away and then met a big forearm from Claudio.

Claudio then hit a slew of punches and brought Gresham down with a huge slam, and that was what he needed to get the pin and the win, making Claudio Castagnoli your new ROH World Champion. It's been a goal of Claudio's for quite some time to be the World Champion, and now his Title reign begins!

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