Ronda Rousey Wins the 2022 Women's Royal Rumble, Earns WWE WrestleMania 38 Championship Match

The Women's Royal Rumble match is now underway, and No 1. In the match is Sasha Banks, who was sporting Sailor Moon gear. No. 2 was revealed to be Melina, and then the bell hit. Melina was getting a little emotional, and then she started throwing down with Banks, but Banks quickly threw her over the top rope. No. 3 was Tamina, and Banks hit her with double knees immediately and then continued the attack. Then the counter hit and No. 4 was Kelly Kelly. Unfortunately, Kelly Kelly was soon out thanks to Banks, making way for no. 5 Aliyah to enter the match.

Banks again went right at her, and then No. 6 Liv Morgan came sprinting to the ring. Morgan was on a roll, and after some battles in the center of the ring, Queen Zelina came in at No. 7. Then Zelina shocked everyone when she threw over Banks and eliminated her. After more battles in the ring, it was No. 8's turn, and it turned out to be Bianca Belair.

Belair tried to eliminate Morgan twice but couldn't do it, and then moved on to Vega. Then it was time for No. 9, and that was Dana Brooke. Then No. 10 turned out to be Michelle McCool. At one point Brooke was going to be eliminated, but Reggie saved her and helped her back in. Tamina would then eliminate Brooke and McCool. No. 11 was then revealed to be Sonya Deville.

Then Cameron made her WWE return at No. 12, and Deville finally got back into the match and went after Cameron because she was friends with Naomi, and then eliminated her. Then Naomi came in at No. 14, and she came in with a vengeance. Then Carmella came in at No. 15.

Belair found herself in the middle of the ring and looking for opponents, while Carmella was too busy talking to the commentators. No. 16 turned out to be Rhea Ripley, and she decided to attack Carmella and roll her into the ring. Then she was immediately attacked, but Ripley turned the tables and dropkicked Queen Zelina and Carmella at one time. Ripley then pretty much knocked everyone down, and then No. 17 was up in Charlotte Flair.

Flair then set about clearing some people out, starting with Aliyah and then Naomi, though that was only with the help of Deville, who pulled Naomi's hands out from under her and that caused her to hit the floor.

Then Ivory came out at No. 18, and she wasn't happy with the women in the ring. She called them wayward and lost and then little girls, which pissed off Ripley, who picked her up and put her over the ropes. She then patted her head and pushed her out. Then it was time for No. 19, which turned out to be Brie Bella. Then it was time for Knockouts Champion Mickie James at No. 20, and she had her title with her. Then she eliminated Michelle McCool, so it was a pretty grand entrance.

Then at No. 21, it was Alicia Fox, and she went on the attack. Then at No. 22 it was Nikki A.S.H., and Ripley was ready and waiting, but Nikki surprised her from the other side and almost eliminated her. Then they went at it until Ripley found Flair, and Ripley hit some big chops.

No. 23's music hit and it was Summer Rae, who jumped on Natalya. Unfortunately, Flair helped out Natalya and threw Rae over, eliminating her, and then followed it up by trying to throw over Natalya but couldn't finish her off. Then it was time for No. 24, and it was Nikki Bella entering the match.

Nikki went after Natalya and then Belair, but Brie helped her sister out. Then Fox almost got eliminated but stayed in, and the Bella Twins teamed up against Belair. Nikki then eliminated Fox, and over in the other corner Natalya was hanging on for her life.

No. 25 was a huge shocker, as Sarah Logan ran down to the ring, partly reuniting the Riott Squad with Morgan. She shared a sweet moment with Morgan but then the Bella Twins threw Logan out of the ring. Then Morgan almost got Nikki out but Brie came in to help and eliminated Morgan too. Then No. 26 hit and it was Lita, who ended up attacking James and almost got her off the apron, and then she sealed the deal by attacking James again and sending her to the ground.

Then it was Lita vs Flair, who traded chops and kicks. The buzzer hit and No. 27 was up, and it was Molly Holly. She didn't even make it into the ring, as she was attacked by Nikki and slammed into the steel steps. Then she told her there can only be one superhero and threw her out of the ring. Then it was No. 28, and it was time for Ronda Rousey's return, and it shocked everyone. She started attacking everyone and then eliminated Nikki ASH. Then Brie accidentally hit Nikki but then she eliminated her sister. Rousey attacked Brie next, and then at No. 29, it was Shotzi.

Then Rousey eliminated Brie and started to go at Ripley. Finally, it was time for No. 30, and it was revealed to be Shayna Baszler, and there was a smile on Ripley's face. Then they sort of teamed up and started trying to clear the ring. Flair interrupted their pow wow as did Natalya, and then Shotzi got a kick to the head and an elimination to boot. Rousey went after Natalya but Belair broke it up and sent Nat out of the ring.

Lita hit Flair with a Twist of Fate and Ripley then ate a Hurricanrana from Lita. Lita then went up top but Ripley knocked her down and Flair knocked her out of the ring and out of the match.

Ripley lifted Rousey but Rousey countered with a submission and then Flair almost knocked them both out. Ripley sent Rousey into the post and Flair kicked her in the face and eliminated her. Then Belair waited and lifted Flair over, but she survived. Flair went after Rousey but Belair dropkicked her and halted that. Belair and Baszler traded blows, and Flair then sent them both out of the ring.

It was Rousey vs Flair as the final two, and Flair led with a big kick, but Rousey caught her and shoved her up over the ropes and to the floor, winning the Royal Rumble and earning a match at WrestleMania.

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