Ronda Rousey Teases What She'll Do Next After Losing Her SmackDown Women's Championship to Charlotte Flair

Ronda Rousey's SmackDown Women's Championship reign came to an abrupt end late last year. "The Rowdy One" successfully defended her title against Raquel Gonzalez on the final SmackDown of 2022, only to then be challenged by a returning Charlotte Flair to an impromptu title defense. Rousey accepted the challenge and lost almost immediately due to being exhausted from the Gonzalez match, giving Flair her 14th women's championship reign. 

Flair defended the title on this week's SmackDown against Sonya Deville while Rousey was absent from the show. During a recent Facebook Gaming streaming, the UFC Hall of Famer made it sound like she wouldn't be chasing "The Queen" for another match, but instead wanted to set her sights on the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships alongside Sonya Deville. 

"I don't know, guys. I'm kinda tired of Charlotte. I'm tired of that title. I already did. I'm kind of thinking about taking over the tag division," Rousey said (h/t WrestleZone). 

Rousey, who held the SmackDown title twice last year, has explained in other streams that she doesn't feel she needs another title reign in WWE (of which she has now had three). She said back in September, "...I feel like I don't need it (the title). I've been liking my non-title run because Roddy Piper never really needed the titles to make him great, you know? And I enjoy not having all my stories be dependent on the title and also, just having more storylines out there for the women so, everything for the women almost always involves the title and a lot of the men have non-title storylines all the time and so, I am happy to take some non-title storylines to just give more storylines to the women total, you know?"

Do you think Rousey and Baszler will wind up winning the women's tag titles? Will that be WWE's plan for Rousey for WrestleMania 39 in April? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!