Steve Austin and Cody Rhodes Disagree Over Which Legend of Zelda Game is The Best

Cody Rhodes is known for being one of the biggest Legend of Zelda fans in all of pro wrestling. So when "Stone Cold" Steve Austin gave him 30 seconds to answer a series of rapid-fire questions ahead of their "Broken Skull Sessions" interview, it only made sense that "The American Nightmare" would get asked about the franchise. Austin's first question was what's the best Zelda game. Rhodes responded with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64. 

"No dude, Breath of the Wild," Austin responded. Rhodes started to laugh and said, "Oh dude, that's a bold choice." 

Was Austin fed that title in order to get a response out of Rhodes? Probably, but it's still hilarious to see one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time have a hot take about one of Nintendo's iconic franchises. 

Rhodes talked with ComicBook about his love for Zelda during a May 2021 interview — "Well, I was playing Hyrule Warriors, that Hyrule Warriors on my Switch. I redid Breath of the Wild, and I originally only defeated Breath of the Wild on the handheld. I never played on my TV, because I had one of those generation one Switches where there's a weird lag, and I just didn't seem like fixing it. Then I went back and played it on the actual big screen TV. It's such a grest [game.] The gameplay in Breath of the Wild, they absolutely set a new standard for Zelda, and the story is the thing that people were wanting a little bit more of. They left enough meat on the bone with it, but I dabble in that. I have the SNES classic games on my Switch, so I still dabble in Link to the Past. Zelda and the whole crew is always part of my world. When it's [Super] Smash [Bros.], I'm always Toon Link. Yeah. I can't not. Mario Kart, I'm also always Link. It's just my world. I love it too much."

Rhodes returned to WWE at WrestleMania 38 Night 1 on April 2, defeating Seth Rollins. Later that same night, Austin came out of retirement for an impromptu No Holds Barred match with Kevin Owens and won via a Stunner. Rhodes and Rollins will clash in a rematch at WrestleMania Backlash this Sunday in Rhode Island.