Multiple Title Changes Rumored for WWE TLC

If you count the Cruiserweights, six titles will be on the line this Sunday at TLC. And [...]

If you count the Cruiserweights, six titles will be on the line this Sunday at TLC. And apparently, a handful of them will have new owners by the end of the show.

According to CageSideSeats, three championships are expected to change hands. While the report didn't specify which titles, there are a few that carry a higher likelihood of flipping than others.

The only title that seems guaranteed to not move is the WWE Championship. With Daniel Bryan in the early chapters of a heel turn, giving his title back to AJ Styles would essentially neuter his character. WWE is keenly aware of Bryan's momentum, and probably plan to ride that wave all the way to WrestleMania 35.

It's unlikely Ronda Rousey loses her WWE gold, too. Vince McMahon and Co. are clearly comfortable with Rousey's prominent role and the only logic behind her losing to Nia Jax would be in her winning the Royal Rumble next month. But we'd bet Rousey leaves TLC with her title in hand.

While these titles seem safe, the same cannot be said for the Intercontinental Championship and SmackDown's Women's and Tag Team Championships.

All signs point to Seth Rollins losing his IC strap to Dean Ambrose. The thinking is that Rollins would be free to pursue bigger things — like a Royal Rumble win. Even if that isn't WWE's plan, Ambrose losing on Sunday would effectively assassinate his heel turn. We've been waiting for evil Ambrose for years now, and now that he's finally here, losing his first pay-per-view match would make him feel pointless. But a championship win over Rollins makes him one of the most intriguing Superstars in the company.

It feels like Becky Lynch's time as SmackDown Women's Champion is also in jeopardy. However, her potential loss on Sunday would be in the name of a bigger gain. Right now, Becky Lynch vs. Ronda Rousey appears to be the frontrunner to main event WrestleMania 35. For that to happen, Lynch or Rousey will have to win the Rumble. And with Rousey likely to retail on Sunday, that means Lynch is the betting favorite to become the second ever Women's Royal Rumble winner. But for that to happen she'll have to lose her title on Sunday.

WWE has never hesitated to crown new tag champs on SmackDown and The Bar losing their titles would surprise no one. Whether it's The Usos or The New Day, it appears that the SmackDon titles are destined to rotate between these three teams until the end of time.