TNA's Final Deletion May Not Be As Final As Intended

There are moments in professional wrestling that have defined and redefined the sport over the [...]

(Photo: Impact Wrestling)

There are moments in professional wrestling that have defined and redefined the sport over the decades and stood the test of time. Hulk Hogan body slamming Andre the Giant. Shawn Michaels achieving his boyhood dream. Chris Jericho becoming the first Undisputed Champion. Final Deletion? That's yet to be determined for now.

Yes, TNA's absolutely insane rivalry between Matt and Jeff Hardy had wrestling fans' interests piqued over the summer with their match that was presented more as a short film than an actual wrestling match. Take a look, in case you missed this.

It was the talk of the wrestling community. Nothing had been done like this in TNA and the intensity of it, had people talking about TNA (but not necessarily praising them) but about how they're at least trying to do more of the style of Lucha Underground and less like WWE. It was campy and completely tongue-in-cheek and it was an interesting way of presentation. It also helped launch a thousand memes of Matt Hardy on a riding lawnmower.

As it turns out, TNA might be not be done with that angle after all.

PWInsider is reporting that that TNA recently filmed a "large amount of material" on Matt Hardy's home in Cameron, North Carolina over the several days. The material will be featured in the upcoming episodes of Impact Wrestling, to which will culminate as Final Deletion II, which will feature the Broken Hardys facing Decay, Abyss and Crazzy Steve. Apparently the match itself will be aptly called "Delete or Decay".

In addition to that, some of the new material is even more insane and TNA actually bumped up the budget from the last Final Deletion match, which featured Matt Hardy "deleting" Jeff Hardy on an episode of Impact Wrestling. The episode garnered 410,000 viewers, the highest audience for an initial broadcast of Impact Wrestling since the series debuted on Pop TV earlier this year. Under new leadership, TNA is looking to bounce back and being more experimental like this isn't a bad start. No such thing as bad press, right?