Undertaker's Rumored Wrestlemania Opponent Revealed

For next week's 900th episode of SmackDown Live, The Undertaker is set to make his highly [...]

For next week's 900th episode of SmackDown Live, The Undertaker is set to make his highly anticipated return to the ring for the WWE. The rumored opponent that the Dead Man will face has finally been revealed, and it is definitely not who you might think.

The Undertaker WWE
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The 51-year-old wrestler hasn't made an appearance on WWE television since Wrestlemania 32. Because this could be one the final matches for The Undertaker, the opponent he will face will be hugely important. The speculation is that the WWE has their choice "set in stone," however, the company has not released any details as of yet, according to Inquisitr.

The wrestler that has emerged as the rumored opponent for the Dead Man will be...Randy Orton. The latest rumors have stated that the WWE is looking at a showdown between Randy Orton and The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33.

The two faced off years ago at Wrestlemania 21, so a rematch would be a surprise given that the WWE Universe has been hoping to see the Undertaker take on either John Cena, Sting, or even Finn Balor.

One line of thinking is that the higher-ups in the WWE only want a seasoned veteran to step in the ring with The Undertaker given his recent health issues. Not only will Orton's star power make him a logical choice, but the WWE officials also believe that he will protect the Dead Man in the ring to ensure that he can continue wrestling as long as he wants.

Given that Randy Orton recently turned heel, it would make sense for the Viper to be The Undertaker's opponent. Apparently, the feud between the two will begin heating up after The Undertaker's match for SmackDown Live.

Randy Orton WWE
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Over the next several months, one storyline that might play out is that the rivalry may intensify over the next several months on "The Road to Wrestlemania."

While The Undertaker facing off against Randy Orton might not be the top choice for fans of the WWE, it would at least be a solid match between two of the league's top veterans.

Who do you think The Undertaker should face at Wrestlemania?

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