Vince McMahon's Hilarious Reaction to 'All In'

Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks are preparing to present one of the biggest non-WWE wrestling [...]

Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks are preparing to present one of the biggest non-WWE wrestling events in North American since the closure of WCW in just a few weeks.

The September 1st event, titled "All In," at the Sears Center in suburban Chicago sold 10,000 tickets in mere minutes when they went on sale a few months ago. While some had doubts they could sell out the building, those doubts were almost immediately proven silly and out of touch.

In fact, according to a recent edition of Chris Jericho's podcast, even WWE's head honcho had doubts about promoting an independent wrestling event on this scale, though his reasoning may surprise you.

"Speaking about Vince [McMahon], I told Vince about All In four or five months ago," Jericho told Cody Rhodes on the podcast. "We were just discussing it, shooting the breeze and I go, 'yeah the show is in September in Chicago.' Vince is like, 'ah I wish they would have called me. September is the worst time of the year to promote -- it's terrible!'

"I'm like, you're got old-school forty years of promoting and [he says] 'they should have called me,'" Jericho said.

Rhodes thought the story was hilarious and imagined what a phone call such as this would have been like.

"Hey Vince, it's Cody, I've got the Young Bucks on the phone," Rhodes envisioned. "They have a couple of questions about promoting in the fall."

Apparently McMahon wasn't the only person who thought that the event might have some troubles due to timing. A famous promoter told them that putting the tickets on sale on a Sunday would be a massive mistake, which of course also proved to be inaccurate.

"It's funny because another seasoned promoter/ ticket broker, Cary Silken, implored us -- I mean laid into us -- saying 'you can't go on sale on Sunday,'" Rhodes said.

He continued, "You can't and you gotta do a presale and we had already announced the ship had already sailed -- he kept going -- and we saw him a few weeks after the sell-out in thirty minutes and he just [said] 'I was so wrong.'"

H/T to Wrestling Inc.