Vince McMahon Returns to WWE Raw, Promises Change

WWE Monday Night Raw kicked off this week with the onscreen return of CEO and Chairman of the [...]

WWE Monday Night Raw kicked off this week with the onscreen return of CEO and Chairman of the Board Vince McMahon.

The 73-year-old mind behind the biggest wrestling promotion in the world was quickly joined by his daughter Stephanie McMahon, his son in-law Triple H and his son Shane McMahon. Together the four took blame for how poor Raw's overall quality had been lately, and were on the show to announce a new change.

From now on the four would be running both Raw and SmackDown Live together, and that the fans would have a greater say in the overall product. Hunter went so far as to say that the fans were now The Authority as he pointed towards the fans in attendance.

"We're out here tonight because we haven't been doing a very good job for you lately," Stephanie said to begin the group promo. "We haven't been doing the one thing that my father has always taught us to do and that's to listen to our audience. We've let middle manager air their petty grievances, we've been suffocating our Superstars and all of that is going to change. And that starts tonight. We're off to a fresh start."

"The days of absentee management are over," Triple H said. "As of now, the four of us will be taking back Monday Night Raw."

Hunter then went on to promises new matchups and new faces appearing in the coming weeks. While this doesn't guarantee the rumored Superstar Shake-up many fans were hoping for, it does open the door for some call-ups from NXT.

While SmackDown has maintained a fairly high level of quality in recent months, Raw has hit record-low ratings in recent weeks with shows centered around the likes of Baron Corbin. The former acting general manager made his way out to the ring to plead his case for getting another shot at the permanent general manager spot, which the four McMahon's eventually agreed to on the condition he win a match tonight against Kurt Angle. As the match progressed, Heath Slater was added in as the special guest referee while Apollo Crews, Chad Gable and Bobby Roode were all added in to make it a No Disqualification handicap match.

Angle won the bout, then slammed Corbin through a table to end the segment.