Watch Shinsuke Nakamura's Stunning NXT Takeover Entrance Featuring Violinist Lee England Jr.

Last night at NXT Takeover Brooklyn II, wrestler Shinsuke Nakamura won the NXT title, becoming the [...]

Last night at NXT Takeover Brooklyn II, wrestler Shinsuke Nakamura won the NXT title, becoming the new champion of WWE's developmental brand. The match against then-champion Samoa Joe was incredible and brutal, with major contact, heavy slams, and more than one of their signature moves each as the two hard workers threw each other around pretty viciously.

But first, Nakamura had to enter the ring, and he did so with his unmistakable theme song playing, the beautiful Japanese violin-based number. For this event, though, he came in to world class violinist Lee England, Jr., who is signed to Michael Jordan's Jumpman 23 brand, making the elaborate entrance all the more chilling. The crowd (of which was a part of) went completely silent for England's stirring improvised minute-long intro, and when he moved into the more recognizable theme, the sold-out Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY erupted.

We captured the entire entrance from our well-positioned place in the front of the crowd, with England's violin, Nakamura's fluid and emotional movement, and of course the crowd's enthusiastic singing along. It's a sight to behold, and if you weren't there, this way you can at least experience it one way.

(Photo: Lucas Siegel for

Of course, the problem for WWE is finding any way they can possibly top this tonight in Summerslam, the main roster's second most major event of the year (behind only Wrestlemania). From the outstanding matches at NXT Takeover starting literally with the pre-show and going all the way through to the main event, to the stunning and truly special entrances by Nakamura and NXT-debuting Bobby Roode, the main roster needs to pull out all the stops tonight.

Before that, relive this amazing moment from Nakamura, England, Jr., and the NXT crowd, and see why they're some of the most dedicated fans of any entertainment in the world.