Watch WWE's Sami Zayn Make Roman Reigns Break Character on SmackDown

WWE's season premiere for Friday Night SmackDown featured a bevy of surprises, including big debuts, welcome returns, and more Bray Wyatt teases, but one of its best moments actually happened towards the beginning of the show. After Triple H introduced the show (and revealed a new QR code), it was time for The Bloodline to take the ring for Roman Reigns and Logan Paul's face-to-face meeting. They had a war of words and things were moving along fine, but then Sami Zayn got on the mic. Zayn's promo had Paul laughing as expected, but it had Reigns breaking character and trying not to laugh as well, and you can watch it all unfold in the video below.

Zayn took on Paul on the microphone and launched into his we're the ones and you're the twos promo, and Paul was getting a kick out of it already. Then Zayn added a dawg to the end of it, and you can see Reigns break and turn away from the camera to laugh, and he's smiling when he turns his head back around.

Zayn kept going though, calling Paul a giant number two. At this point, you can see Reigns scratch his head and start smiling again, and the camera moves to Paul. What's great is that as Zayn keeps going you see Paul look quickly toward Reigns and smile, so it seems Reigns kept laughing for a bit when the camera wasn't on him.

Then the camera comes back to Reigns and he is still smiling and looking away from Zayn. It's a great exchange and you can't blame anyone for laughing at Zayn, as his work in the Bloodline has been comedy gold since the beginning.

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