WWE & Blumhouse Announce Limited Series About Vince McMahon and WWE's Steroid Trial

WWE and Blumhouse television officially announced the production of a new limited series, The [...]

WWE and Blumhouse television officially announced the production of a new limited series, The United States of America vs. Vince McMahon, which is set to retell the events surrounding the 1993-94 United States District Court criminal between the Eastern District of New York and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Also known as "The Steroid," the case accused McMahon of conspiring to distribute steroids, possession of illegal steroids with intent to distribute and embezzlement for allegedly using money earned from WWE's parent company Titan Sports to purchase illegal steroids. He was found not guilty on July 23, 1994.

The press release for the series reads, "WWE® (NYSE: WWE) and Blumhouse Television are partnering to develop a limited scripted series called, The United States of America Vs. Vince McMahon. Jason Blum's company, Blumhouse, will develop the series for television, led by Blumhouse TV President Chris McCumber. The series, The United States of America Vs. Vince McMahon, will be the first-ever scripted dramatic portrayal of a chapter in WWE's history. Additionally, it is also the first scripted portrayal of McMahon as well as many of the legendary Superstars of that era. The show will delve into WWE during the 1990s, at the time Rupert Murdoch had purchased the New York Post to further his massive infiltration into the U.S. media landscape. For years, infamous Post writer Phil Mushnick regularly hammered WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon in his column. Headlines like "Legislators Give WWE A Free Pass On 'Roids" and "McMahon Skips Through the Cemetery" eventually captured the attention of the FBI and the U.S. Attorney's office for the Southern District of New York -- the nation's most prestigious federal prosecutor's office with a conviction rate of over 96 percent.

"In 1994, the U.S. government indicted McMahon for allegedly supplying anabolic steroids to WWE talent. McMahon, with his liberty at stake, two school-aged children at home and with WWE on the brink of bankruptcy, refused to take a plea deal," it continued. "Ultimately, McMahon stood trial and was acquitted unanimously by a jury of his peers and went on to build a multi-billion-dollar global sports entertainment empire."

"Jason, Chris and their team at Blumhouse create amazing work and we look forward to delivering an inside look into one of the most pivotal moments in our company's history," Kevin Dunn, WWE Executive Producer & Chief of Global Television Distribution, said in the release.

"We have a dramatic, riveting saga — one that's crazier than fiction — that will appeal to the cross-section of Blumhouse and WWE fans," Blumhouse Television President Chris McCumber added. "To say I'm thrilled about collaborating again with WWE is an understatement."

The ongoing third season of VICE TV's Dark Side of the Ring documentary series will also have an episode centering around the case. Stay tuned for more updates on the series as they become available.