WWE's Bray Wyatt Delivers Amazing Promo and Teases New Persona in SmackDown Return

After making a much-celebrated return to WWE at Extreme Rules, Bray Wyatt was announced for this week's episode of SmackDown. Now the time is finally here, and boy did he not disappoint. Wyatt would arrive with a new theme song and his lantern in hand, and once he got to the ring things got even better, as he delivered a promo that was extremely genuine even when it was also furthering the story he was starting to tell. Then things took a swerve when the video screen popped up with what appeared to be him with the mask he had on at Extreme Rules, and it was almost like another side of him was issuing a threat. You can find the video below.

Wyatt said "I don't know if you can read this, I am incredibly grateful and I'm really nervous. I never thought that this would happen. This right here, this is just me okay? This is a version of me that I never got to introduce to you before. This is me introducing myself for the first time. I just want to share with you this past year of my life I lost a lot of things." Someone from the crowd said "I love you" and Wyatt said, "I love you too."

"I lost my career. I lost my self-confidence. I lost two people that were very close to me. I lost my way. And I got to a point where I thought that I'd ever done here it was all meaningless. Nothing I ever did here mattered to everyone. I was wrong. I was wrong," Wyatt said.

"Once I was done feeling sorry for myself I decided to go out into the world and see people, and they would go when are you coming back home. And every once in a while I would meet someone remarkable, and you know who you are. They would say I wanted to thank you man. I was in a time of need. I lost people that were close to me. I felt weak. I felt vulnerable. I found your words and I wanted to thank you man. Thank you Bray," Wyatt said.

"The truth is I don't think about stuff like that," Wyatt said. "And the thing about that is that I can sit right here and say you were there when I was weak, when I was vulnerable, and I wanted to say thank you. You all saved my life. You wouldn't let me alone. Every time when I left things behind, and then the lights cut out."

Then a masked individual on the video came on, calling him Little One and saying to come with him and that his life is done. It said "Forget the future. Forget the past. Life is over. Breathe your last. You have no idea who you're dealing with do you. Oh but you will. You will."

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