Watch: Bret Hart Blasts Hulk Hogan During Fan Q&A

Bret Hart hosted a fan Q&A session on Instagram Live this week, and made it pretty clear he still [...]

Bret Hart hosted a fan Q&A session on Instagram Live this week, and made it pretty clear he still isn't a fan of Hulk Hogan. When asked what he thought of "The Hulkster," Hart simply said, "No I don't. I think he's a phony piece of s—." He then moved on to the next question as if nothing happened. It's not hard to see why Hart isn't a fan of Hogan, as he was the victim of Hogan's infamous backstage politics during his initial push to WWF's main event scene.

During his first of what would be five reigns as WWF Champion, Hart dropped the title to Yokozuna in the main event of WrestleMania IX thanks to interference by Mr. Fuji. Hogan ran down to try and defend Hart and wound up in an impromptu match with Yokozuna, winning the WWF Championship in mere seconds. The entire ordeal is a big reason why WrestleMania IX is regarded as one of the worst editions of the annual event, but the original plan was for Hogan to drop the title back to Hart months later at the King of the Ring pay-per-view.

According to Hart, Hogan refused to do the job and instead wound up losing the title to Yokozuna. Hart wouldn't get his hands on it again until WrestleMania X.

The two would be back in the same company several years later in WCW. But with the exception of a few house shows in 1999 (all of which ended in no contest and none of which were televised), the two never had a one-on-one match.

Hart has never been one to shy away from his opinions of other wrestlers. Last year he made headlines during a podcast interview when he argued Goldberg shouldn't be in the WWE Hall of Fame for giving him a career-ending concussion.

"I wish that Bill Goldberg had never kicked me in the head as hard as he could," Hart said. "I don't know how you give a guy a Hall of Fame thing for hurting as many wrestlers as Bill Goldberg hurt, and without consequence. He usually got a pat on the back and told how good of job he did out there, when you're scraping the wrestler that worked with him off the mat.

"When Bill Goldberg kicked me in the head, I honest to God, I lost about 16 million dollars in like one second," he continued. "I just signed with WCW for three million a year for another three years on top of the two years I had left on my original contract, so it was bad timing, and unfortunate."