Andrade Describes Charlotte Flair's Backstage Issues With Other WWE Stars

Andrade gave his first shoot interview since leaving the WWE on Monday with Lucha Libre Online, [...]

Andrade gave his first shoot interview since leaving the WWE on Monday with Lucha Libre Online, describing a wide variety of topics from his time with the company. His fiancee Charlotte Flair was brought up a number of times, including the revelation that a WWE doctor mistakenly thought she was pregnant several weeks back. On top of that, Andrade described some of the tension "The Queen" has with fellow wrestlers backstage.

On the subject of Flair getting removed from WrestleMania 37 posters, "El Idolo" said [h/t], "I can say that I don't know exactly that it was because of me that they removed her but there is a lot of jealousy towards her. There are a lot of female wrestlers in WWE but only three or four can wrestle for 20 minutes. A lot of them complain about her getting the opportunities."

He later added, "They look at her as just the daughter of Ric Flair. I know she's a good wrestler and she has earned her spot in WWE. There is a lot of jealousy. After matches, a lot of people say she works stiff."

Flair's team posted a statement after the interview, commenting on the story regarding the false pregnancy.

"What Manny [Andrade] said about the pregnancy test in today's interview is true, but a significant amount of context is lost in translation and we'd like to clear that up as best we can," the statement read. "A few weeks ago, Charlotte received a call from WWE medical telling her that her HCG levels had come back high and she was being medically suspended for pregnancy. That day, she took several home tests that all came back negative. A few days later, blood work and ultrasound confirmed there was no pregnancy. This was before any issues with Covid (she is currently medically clear)."

After announcing last week that she had tested positive for COVID-19, Flair was once again absent from this week's Monday Night Raw.