Drew McIntyre Explains Biggest Lesson Dusty Rhodes Taught Him About WWE Promos

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre was 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin's latest guest on the Broken Skull [...]

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre was "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's latest guest on the Broken Skull Sessions series, where he discussed various aspects of his WWE career. At one point the subject of "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes came up, who in his final years helped work as a coach for FCW and NXT. "The Scottish Warrior" explained that Rhodes played a massive role in helping wrestlers understand how to deliver promos, and that he carries the lessons he learned from Rhodes to this day.

"Six months into FCW Dusty finally showed up. We didn't really have a promo class as such," McIntyre said. "We worked in promos, Dr. Tom (Prichard) would help us out, but when Dusty showed up we were like, 'oh my goodness, we've got the master now.' Those promo classes, it was every Friday I believe, I got so excited. Wade (Barrett) and I would put together promos, we lived together at the time, the night before. We'd do it first every time and get Dusty's feedback, then we'd sit down and watch everybody else because everybody gets so terrified doing promos. And that was the most entertaining thing about it was we got off on quickly getting ours done, get our feedback from Dusty, learn and then sit down and watch everybody else.

"But at the same time as we're laughing and having a good time, we're sitting back and listening to Dusty's feedback from everybody. [We learned] how to put some truth into what you're doing," he added. "Don't just say a bunch of words for the sake of saying a bunch of words that you think [are] the right thing to say because somebody else said them. That suits them because it's their truth, you have to find your truth. Because if it's real to you than it's going to come across as real and it's going to touch the fans and they're going to see it's real. If it's BS, they're going to know it's BS and they're going to see right through you."

McIntyre successfully retained his WWE Championship on Sunday at the TLC pay-per-view against both AJ Styles and The Miz despite Miz cashing in his Money in the Bank contract midway through the title match.