WWE's Drew McIntyre and Sheamus Secure Spots at Money in the Bank Once More on SmackDown

After The Bloodline's Paul Heyman found a way to get Drew McIntyre and Sheamus kicked out of the Money in the Bank Men's Ladder Match on tonight's episode of WWE SmackDown, they were presented with one more chance to join the match. They would have to team-up and win a tag match against WWE's Undisputed Tag Team Champions The Usos. That wasn't going to be easy even if they liked each other, but that couldn't be further from the case. A common goal can make miracles happen though, and despite despising each other and colliding early on in the match, they were able to put aside their issues just long enough to get the job done, and with a little help from the Street Profits, they won the match and earned their way into the Ladder Match for a chance at the briefcase and the Title shot it carries.

When the match started McIntyre and Sheamus were already arguing, and then Butch ended up getting in the ring. Once he was dragged out Jimmy went to work on McIntyre, but McIntyre threw him down and tagged in Sheamus. They both picked Jimmy up and slammed him down and then Sheamus hit uppercuts and picked up Jimmy, but he got thrown into the corner so Jey could launch an attack. Jey was the active man but Sheamus evaded a move and locked in his patented chain of brutal forearm strikes to the chest followed by a senton.

Sheamus mocked McIntyre and then McIntyre threw Butch into the barricade to return the favor. Ridge Holland tried to break it up but they kept fighting until The Usos dove over the ropes and collided with them, sending them to the floor. Back from commercial it was Jey and Sheamus in the ring, and Sheamus hit several punches and then landed a backbreaker but was kicked in the face by Jimmy, who had tagged in.

Jimmy kept Sheamus down on the ground with stomps to the midsection and a kick to the head. Jimmy charged into Sheamus and slammed his head into the turnbuckle, and then he charged up again but Sheamus met him with a huge boot to the face. Sheamus tagged McIntyre who clotheslined a tagged in Jey three times. Then he hit a Belly to Belly suplex but was driven into the post, colliding with his shoulder. Jey hit a super kick and tagged in Jimmy, who super kicked Sheamus on the outside. Then they super kicked McIntyre and Jimmy went up top. Jimmy hit a splash into a cover but Sheamus broke it up and saved the match.

Jey sent Sheamus out of the ring and then McIntyre hit a neck breaker on both Usos. McIntyre was back up on his feet and he waited to hit the claymore, but Jey pulled Jimmy out of the ring. Jimmy hit a super kick that sent him to the floor, but Butch and Ridge were suddenly back at ringside. Sami Zayn then showed up and went for McIntyre, but Angelo Dawkins broke it up and sent Zayn flying into the barricade.

Montez Ford then joined his partner and they came face to face with The Usos, and then McIntyre cleared out everyone at ringside. Jey got decked with a Brogue Kick and McIntyre rolled Jimmy into the ring. McIntyre was met with a super kick but he dodged the next move and hit the Claymore, and that was it for the Usos, as McIntyre and Sheamus got the win and the chance to be in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

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