WWE's Goldberg Responds to Macaulay Culkin WrestleMania Comments

WWE fans are still trying to process that Goldberg was able to take down The Fiend at Super Showdown yesterday, and one of the fans who was decidedly not impressed by the match was Macaulay Culkin. The Home Alone star was evidently not thrilled with WWE putting some of its older stars like Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, and Goldberg over the younger talent on the roster, as he replied to WWE Creative Humor's tweet about how the company is building new stars and let his feelings be known. Now Goldberg has replied to Culkin, and really doesn't seem to care too much that Culkin has cancelled his WrestleMania tickets, calling him a dork.

It all started with WWE Creative Humor's tweet that said "Super Showdown was all about building new stars like Brock Lesnar, @Goldberg & The Undertaker #WWESSD", and Culkin wholeheartedly agrees.

Culkin responded to the tweet saying "Amen", and then responded again by saying "I've just cancelled my tickets to Tampa Bay."

That is when Goldberg responded to Culkin, saying "@IncredibleCulk duly noted dork 👍😡", and he doesn't seem to be losing sleep about Culkin cancelling his WrestleMania tickets.

Culkin wasn't done though, and he responded: "Just don't try to tombstone me."


Who knew that the biggest rivalry out of Super Showdown would be Culkin vs Goldberg, and who knew it would be this entertaining? No one knew, but we can't wait to see more from these two on social media.

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