WWE: How To Watch Xavier Woods' First Post-Hiatus UpUpDownDown Stream

After a bit of a hiatus, Xavier Woods is revealing some new UpUpDownDown content on the official channel very soon, and here is how to watch it. Starting at 5 PM EST you can head here to check out Woods' first new video on the channel in about a month or so, which is being live-streamed directly from G5 headquarters. Woods, real name Austin Creed, has been streaming on G4's Twitch channel as part of a rotating cast on Attack of the Show, X-Play, and more, but now he's bringing some new content to UpUpDownDown, which many fans will be ecstatic about. You can watch the new video right here.

Creed posted the tease of the video with the caption "👏 ATTENTION 👏 YOU 👏 PEOPLE!! Join @AustinCreedWins tomorrow at 5 PM ET/2 PM PT for an EXCLUSIVE Livestream only on UpUpDownDown!! This is NOT A DRILL! Our 👑 KING will be gaming from @G4TV HQ, and requests your attendance! You don't want to miss it! 👉 https://youtu.be/GtkQJYaO88o"

Those who don't watch SmackDown every week might not know that Woods came out victorious in the King of the Ring tournament, becoming the new King of WWE. He is now referred to as King Woods, and until an encounter with The Bloodline, he had a crown, a scepter, and even a throne.

Unfortunately, Roman Reigns didn't take kindly to someone not acknowledging him, and together with The Usos, he destroyed all three of those things in front of Woods. Woods got revenge when Big E joined him and demolished The Bloodline, and last week Kofi Kingston came back from injury too, so Woods finally has some backup again.

As for G4, Woods has been loving his time with the network it seems, and it's awesome seeing him geek out with all of the other G4 personalties. Hopefully, his return to UpUpDownDown means things got worked out on the contractual end with WWE, as there were reports saying that the hiatus was because he was trying to get a contract that was accounting for everything he does regarding that channel.

You can watch the new UpUpDownDown video right here.